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As the Cannabis industry has increased in Colorado, the harvesting of marijuana (i.e., leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds in the dried form from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant containing amounts of THC1) for recreational use has grown steadily increasing the risks of youth misuse. This suite of trainings will provide the tools to understand many aspects of recreational cannabis in the context of youth prevention. Trusted adults have been shown to be a major component of youth cannabis prevention.  As such this training includes self-paced modules which outline strategies for having conversations with young people about cannabis misuse and its risks. The content available within this training suite also covers cannabis paraphernalia, methods of use, and common products. Participants will also find additional resources and training that have been curated for use in cannabis prevention work.

Module Description
Overview of Prevention

This module contains a short video that discusses prevention.

Starting the Conversation 

This module includes videos describing tips for age-appropriate best strategies and practices when talking to young people about cannabis use.

Building Trusting Relationships

This module contains videos that describe what building trusting relationships mean, key strategies to do so, and how these trusting relationships can lend itself to helping young people making informed decisions.

Building Trusting Relationships with Young People Webinar This webinar will describe two key qualities of a trusting relationship between an adult and young person as well as seven effective strategies for building trusting relationships with young people. 
ParaphernaliaThis module describes what drug paraphernalia is, as well as shares out types of paraphernalia related to cannabis misuse and methods of use.

This module shares out data trends from 2017 between state data as well as de-identified community data.

Adolescent Cannabis Use Webinar 

This webinar features presenter Jesse Hinckley, PhD, MD who is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Cannabis in the changing legal landscape
  • Adolescent brain development
  • Consequences of adolescent cannabis use
  • Emerging public health concerns
  • How to talk to teens
ResourcesThis module highlights additional resources for starting the conversation as well as paraphernalia resources. 
Additional TrainingsThis module offers additional training opportunities including self-paced, recorded webinars, online resources, PDF documents, and virtual reality. 


Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse; National Institutes of Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

***This training suite has been developed in partnership with local organizations and community champion input as part of collaborative project between the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center (RM-PHTC), The Evaluation Center at CU Denver (TEC), and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Prevention Services Division (CDPHE). TEC is shifting language from marijuana to cannabis because the term is steeped in racial, cultural, and anti-immigrant bigotry that further disenfranchises Latinx and indigenous peoples.***

"We strive to host inclusive and accessible events that enable all individuals, including those with disabilities to engage fully. Please let us know of any accommodations that will assist your full participation."


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