Flashlights February 7th, 2024


2/7/2024 – 4/10/2024

10 live sessions (Please put these sessions on your calendar)
Course schedule – Wednesdays,12:00 - 1:00pm (MT)



Primary Competency

Cultural Competency Skills


The largest uprising against racism in the U.S. led to racism being declared a public health crisis. However, according to Pew research (June 2023), 57% of U.S. adults say that focusing on race over the past 3 years hasn't led to positive change for Black Americans. A 2022 survey by PRRI found that 90% of white Americans' close friendship networks are white. Clearly, white people talking with white people about racism is both practicable and necessary for change. Flashlights, our anti-racism project, is intentionally designed for people who identify as white to practice engaging in a dialogue about racism.

Each week participants listen (at their convenience) to a 15-minute podcast exploring racism and join a 60-minute Zoom session. The goal is to form an emotional connection, internally and with each other, and to practice, reflect, and incorporate learning. Flashlights holds up a mirror to show the culture that white people inhabit, and what could be if we showed up as alternative voices willing to talk and act regarding racism.

Graduates of Flashlights are invited to join a Flashlights community of practice that meets monthly to continue practicing and sharing resources.



This series will take 10 weeks to complete. Because community building is essential, we ask that you commit to all 10 weeks.

10 live sessions (Please put these sessions on your calendar)
Course schedule – Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00pm (MT)

February 7th – Live Learning Session 1 (only)

February 14th – Live Learning Session 2  (podcast: ”One Tree”)

February 21st – Live Learning Session 3  (podcast: “How Do We Build Culture?”)

February 28th – Live Learning Session 4  (podcast: “A Parable of Privilege”)

March 6th – Live Learning Session 5  (podcast: “Winter Sundays”)

March 13th – Live Learning Session 6  (podcast:  “Own your story”) 

March 20th – Live Learning Session 7  (podcast: “Tension”)

March 27th – Live Learning Session 8  (podcast: “How Did You Come to Your Understanding?”)

April 3rd – Live Learning Session 9  (podcast: “ Assumptions”) 

April 10th – Live Learning Session 10 (podcast: “Underlying Narratives”)

A facilitator will lead guided discussions and activities related to the podcast, skills and participants’ needs.

Registration Information
The Flashlights Project is unique in that it is a commitment to the power of the collective. How you show up may play a major role in others' presence and progress. We ask that all who are interested in this opportunity first join the wait list and hold a 5-minute conversation via Zoom with the facilitator, Joe Weber, to build a shared understanding of Flashlights. After registering for the wait list, you will be assisted with scheduling the call.


You should receive 2 emails from us before the course begins.  Please email us at registration.rmphtc@ucdenver.edu if they do not show up in your inbox (please check your spam folder, as well).

  • Registration confirmation – immediately after registering

  • Course welcome and instructions – 2 weeks before the first live session


We strive to host inclusive and accessible events that enable all individuals, including those with disabilities to engage fully. Please let us know of any accommodations that will assist your full participation.


Supplemental Materials/Links
The podcasts and Zoom links will be available on the Registration page. Please listen to the podcast before each Live session. There are no mandatory assignments to complete in preparation for each live session.
Technical Requirements
You must join the Live Learning Sessions by video (an external webcam or built-in camera in your laptop, tablet, or smartphone).  Our staff can help you get set up if this is new for you.

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