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Fort Collins Marriott
350 E Horsetooth Rd.
Fort Collins, CO   80525

Primary Competency

Financial Planning and Management Skills

This training is for grantees of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Pulmonary Disease and Health Disparities grant programs.

Sustainability encompasses much more than replacing an existing funding stream. Broadly speaking, sustainability refers to the capacity (e.g., resources and infrastructure) to maintain a program or service at a desired level to achieve specific outcomes or results.

Taking a comprehensive view of sustainability includes looking at financial needs and opportunities; considering options for delivery modifications or new partnerships; and policy, systems, and environmental change strategies.

Developing a sustainability plan can help solidify your organization or program’s goals and get buy-in from critical stakeholders and decision makers. A sustainability plan helps define short and long-term goals related to fund development, policy change strategies, and partnership building.

During this workshop, CCPD/HDGP grantees will have the opportunity to participate in large group and breakout sessions that focus on sustainability strategies. The workshop will support CCPD/HDGP grantees as they develop or refine a sustainability plan for their organization or program.

Specific topics covered in this workshop will include:

  • Using data to tell your story

  • Business planning

  • Leveraging partnerships

  • Creating a sustainability plan 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what sustainability encompasses

  • Discuss two components of a sustainability plan

  • Practice applying sustainability strategies for their program/initiative

  • Identify 1-3 sustainability strategies for their sustainability plan

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