Advanced Health Literacy: Making Health Information More Accessible


4/4/2018 – 4/4/2018

9 am-5 pm


$25 Colorado residents, $100 out of state residents, No Cost group registration


Daniels Fund
101 Monroe St
Denver, CO   80206

Primary Competency

Analytical/Assessment Skills

Did you know that than more one-third of the US population has basic or below basic health literacy skills? The ability to understand, interpret, and process health information is known as health literacy. Patients need to understand health messages in order to make appropriate health decisions for themselves and family members.  The Advanced Health Literacy course is designed to help patient navigators recognize patients with low health literacy and how to increase comprehension, readability, retention and apply skills to increase health outcomes.


Due to grant funding through June 2018, this training will be offered at a highly discounted rate of $25 for Colorado residents.

The cost is $100 for out of state participants.

Please enter No Cost (Group Registration) if you or your employer will send a check for your registration fee. 

Learning Objectives

This 1-day training will be highly interactive and activity based. By the end of the training, you will be able to: 

  • Identify a variety of health education materials that are appropriate for your patients/clients. 
  • Modify your verbal communication (e.g. word choice, explanations) to increase patient/client understanding of health-related information. 
  • Use appropriate strategies to checking for understanding in order make sure that the patients/clients that you work understand important health information.

Prerequisite:  Patient Navigator Basic Fundamentals Workshop (Level 1) is strongly encouraged but not required. 

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