Leading Effective Coalitions ECHO Series

This series, offered through a partnership between the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center and ECHO Colorado, aims to support experienced coalition leaders by addressing the complex issues that occur during the process of managing coalitions.


Coalition leaders can improve the effectiveness of their coalitions by strengthening relationships among diverse stakeholders and creating an environment sustained by a shared set of values. Over the course of five, free live sessions, coalition leaders will learn and share relevant strategies with experts and their peers.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Use best practices for creating a shared vision of your coalition.
  2. Describe different strategies that can lead to a culture that supports diversity within your coalition.
  3. Apply strategies to address group power dynamics that affect the interpersonal interactions within your coalition.
  4. Facilitate constructive dialogue among coalition stakeholders.
  5. Apply strategies to improve the adaptability of your coalition.
  6. Serve as a local resource within your workplace or community for the topic of this ECHO series.

"We strive to host inclusive and accessible events that enable all individuals, including those with disabilities to engage fully. Please let us know of any accommodations that will assist your full participation."

Upcoming Leading Effective Coalitions ECHOs (click the course dates below to register)

September 20th - October 18th 2022

March 29th - April 26th 2023

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