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Public Health Sciences Skills

Developing and maintaining an engaged and knowledgeable workforce is one of public health's essential services. Historically, introductory public health orientation and trainings for new public health professionals have been developed and utilized in a face to face, classroom setting and have more recently become asynchronous, click-through, online modules.  Today, distance-based learning and online "just in time" educational opportunities fit the learning needs and styles of many professionals.  Public Health 101 is a new, interactive, web-based learning opportunity that can be used to orient new professionals entering Colorado’s public health workforce.

Practicing public health professionals coordinated by the Public Health Nurse Association of Colorado (PHNAC) have worked collaboratively with the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center (RMPHTC) and other public health professionals from both State and Local Public Health Departments to design this online toolkit. The content has been curated and developed to provide a foundation in public health and act as a focused, long-term guide to public health in Colorado. Topics are introduced in a micro-learning format which consists of short animated videos. More in-depth information can be accessed through resource guides that include videos, articles, and additional learning resources.

This web-based, interactive training can be used to provide an initial framework for orientation to general public health practice or a more program specific role. It is accessible, free of charge, and can be a selected part of new staff orientation or as an adjunct to staff professional development.

Currently covered topics include:

  • History and Background
  • Public Health Services
  • Colorado's Public Health System
  • Colorado Public Health Programs
  • Public Health Workforce
Presenter(s) and/or Content Experts


Cathy White, R.N., MSN
Public Health Nurse Consultant
Office of Planning, Partnership and Improvement
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Carol E. McDonald, MSN, R.N.
Manager for Disease Investigation, Preparedness, and Response
Denver Public Health

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