Communities Organizing for Prevention: Monthly Racial Equity Caucus / Affinity Groups


8/30/2022 – 6/30/2023



Primary Competency

Public Health Sciences Skills

People of Color (POC/BIPOC/PGM) and white people are both affected by racism and need to work together to end it. However, how we are affected by racism and the work we have to do is different. Racial Equity Caucuses, also referred to as affinity groups, are times when people of color and white people within an organization or community meet separately in order to do our different work, and come back together to build solidarity and create cross racial accountability processes. Caucus can include individual and collective healing components, as well as action planning toward long term goals.

CSC facilitators have worked with the COFP Equity Planning Group representatives to design and deliver a series of monthly racial equity caucus sessions to support Communities Organizing for Prevention Grantees. During the monthly sessions, all participants will meet together, to open and close the practice collectively with intentionality. The majority of the time will be spent in two race-based caucuses for white people and people of color (POC/BIPOC/PGM).

This affinity group will meet regularly throughout the year, participants will help decide on objectives as well as schedules. After registering, this process will begin with a participant readiness survey.


For this round of caucuses, we would like to prioritize Community Mobilizers, Youth and Adult Coalition members, Youth Advisors, Youth Coordinators, Community/Equity Champions, and Supervisors.

Learning Objectives
Caucus Goals will be co-created with participants and may include:
❖ Cultivate consistent, facilitated space for ongoing dialogue, healing and liberation.
❖ Discuss the impacts of structural racism personally and institutionally, for our clients and ourselves.
❖ Interrupt internal, interpersonal, and institutional manifestations of racism.
❖ Build relationships and solidarity.
❖ Create cross-racial accountability process.
❖ Action planning for implementing an anti-oppression framework for racial equity.
Length of Learning Opportunity
Monthly, 1 hour
Registration Information
You will need to log in or create an account. Please email with registration questions. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a required participant readiness survey. 

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