Emerging Thought Leaders (ETL) Virtual Learning Series


Emerging Thought Leaders, a collaboration of RMPHTC, CPHA, and RIHEL, propels public health into the future by debuting impactful, innovative ideas and the people behind them. Each compelling presentation in this quarterly virtual learning series provides novel insight for the community, valuable exposure and experience for the innovator and, ultimately, positive impact for public health. The series attracts public health professionals, community leaders, and other collaborators to cultivate ideas and manifest them into reality. 


Emerging Thought Leaders supports the professional development of each presenter. In addition to the exposure positioning each presenter as an Emerging Thought Leader, each presenter is provided with trained support to strengthen leadership, presentation, and facilitation skills. 


By spotlighting presenters who are new to their field as well as veteran professionals with cutting-edge ideas, Emerging Thought Leaders is an inclusive effort to propel innovative dialogue within public health.



This virtual learning series will be held quarterly on the third Friday of the month from 12:00-1:00 PM MT starting in March 2023. Please see below for all the dates the first year of this series will be held on:

Interested in Being an ETL Presenter?

We are no longer accepting presenter applications for the first session. The online application for the second session will go live in March 2023.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Cassidy Ray (RM-PHTC Senior Project Coordinator) at cassidy.ray@cuanschutz.edu.


Interested in Attending an ETL Session?

Registration is now open for the first session of the virtual learning series!

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